Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 374

17 Moves

2 Chicks
50 Apples
50 Carrots
50 Onions

Brrrrr its a little cold on this board. It might have something to do with the ice patches and rows of snowballs ready to take over our board. I say we fight back! 

Match up next to them when they have moved (so not on an ice patch or they just turn back to snow) and blast them to snowflakes, keep an eye that you don't get too many or your board will look like an avalanche has happened. 
Keep on top of it and you will be fine. Once again you are aiming for multiple matches, imagine a row of dominoes being set off by one falling, that is what the best way to complete these levels looks like. If you can match 5 of a crop even better, but remember on this level, that won't remove the snowballs even if they are next to that crop. 
The more crops you remove at once, the better your added values will be.

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