Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 373

Here we have some water drops already on the board and we can see we have barrels too. Again these barrels are not so easy to get to. They are hidden behind the flowers, because nobody likes an easy game. The good thing about this level, is they changed it slightly, so we only need 8 flowers now instead of the 12 from before.
Luckily most of the flowers are opened by falling crops.
I found it easier to move cropsies from the bottom area of the board, because as crops fall down to fill the gaps, chain reactions can happen too, helping you with matches and flowers higher up.
Make sure you keep making matches near the water and keep your eyes open for higher value cropsies that can be matched, or single ones removed with a shovel, and also the shovels can be used to pat your water barrels if you are running out of moves and the water is on the top level. If its high, patting it will make it jump out without having to match next to it.

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