Level 372

This level is a tricky little level. We need to open the buds but they are not easy to get to. We need to arrange the crops so that they fall into lines next to them. The bottom ones will be easier to get to, but as you move them, new crops will fall from the top and hopefully make matches too. Take advantage of the little firecrackers, make matches next to them so that they will jump all over the board, and IF you are really lucky, they will land on the flowers and open them for you. This makes your game a lot easier. Plan your moves carefully, I tend to rush in where I see a move, then realize I could have done a better one if I had just paid more attention. Make sure that you check every row, against every flower to see if you can match up next to a flower. Watch the top row as well, its easy to miss crops in the right place there. At least with this level there are no rabbits, or snowballs or ticking crops and you only need to get one type of crops other than the flowers. Make sure that when your suns have higher value, you match them up and remove them, the more value you have, the less you need to remove. Let your shovels be your friends, not only can you remove stray crops, they come in handy if you have fully open flowers that need to be removed.


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