Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 371

19 Moves
14 Flowers
22 Water drops
100 Suns
100 Strawberries

The harder levels continue with no new surprises so more practising with known obstacles. On this level, you will see that we need to get water, but all of the water barrels are hidden behind the flowers. This means that we will have to clear them away before we can start splashing water around. When working to clear flowers, you will notice that as usual, you will get more value added to your crops by matching them on the grass, but not only this, if you try and match the crops against a line of flowers, you can open multiple buds at a time and save moves. They are nicely positioned to make it easier for us. To make the value of the Strawberries and Suns, plan your moves carefully, if you time them right, they will keep falling, building up the points nicely. Keep an eye on your water count though. It can be easy to gather the crops, and open flowers and then realize that you have no water. Its probably easier if you remove the side flowers first or the ones in the centre, then you have more chance of getting water drops.

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