Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 368

As you can see in this level, most of the flowers are at the bottom of the screen and the firecrackers are sleeping away under them. IF you can, start with your flowers in the middle, but so far it seems as though the game knows that is what you will try, so makes it harder.
In any case you need to get the flowers cleared to get the firecrackers activated.
So far it seems that unless the board shuffles because you have no moves, they stay down there and you don't get any more fall until you have destroyed some of them.
We can make use of our shovels in this level, so don't forget to make sure you have bought them before you start playing this level.
At least once we start setting off the firecrackers, they sometimes can help themselves by exploding onto the other ones sat sleeping too.

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