Level 366

The flowers are positioned in such nice places that it makes it difficult to get multiple matches.
We only need to collect the flowers and water, but we have to match up the other crops so that the water can leap out of the barrels.
In theory this is easy.
What we need to do, is match up the crops on the board, so they touch more than one barrel. Maybe in between two, or a long row so it touches more than one.
If you can do it next to a flower as well that will be even better.
We need to make enough matches, touching enough barrels, so that lots of water droplets leap out of the barrels, make matches themselves and then they can help move more water out too.
If you can get a full board of water, it will match 5 somewhere and all the water will be gone in one swoosh. Not only that, it will help move the water levels up as well. So if we are really lucky, we can sit there and watch the flood do all our work for us. It can be tricky to get the chain reaction of water flowing, so you may need a few tries, but it is definitely an easier level than some of the new ones we have, even if you just get one star.
The key to this, hit as many buckets as you can, and the filler companion is the better one as you only need 9 water drops to activate him.



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