Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 365

20 Moves
1 Spider
70 Apples
70 Carrots
70 Strawberries

Lots and lots of spiders webs on this board, it looks like they have had spider-man around. Can you see the 4 little firecrackers in the corner? We know Firecrackers will help us, but these ones are not easy to get to. 

Don't waste moves trying to free them, instead save your moves to break webs and increase value on the crops you need to remove. 
The object of this level is to grab the crops and send the spider back to his corner, he is sitting pretty in his web now, right in the bottom corner laughing at us because he thinks we won't free him. 
Take advantage of any opportunities to match 5 crops, not only does this remove all the crops on the board of the same type, it also adds points to your other needed crops too. Once you have cleared all the webs you have more chance of getting multiple rows of cropsies matching up, while you sit back and watch them all fall. 
Concentrate on breaking the webs and you should be able to collect all the other crops easily.

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