Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 364

15 Moves
5 Firecrackers
70 Water drops
70 Apples
70 Carrots

The object of Level 364 is slightly different. Instead of choosing to use firecrackers, you have to use 5 of them this time to meet your requirements. 

It can be quite simple if all the crops keep falling, to gather all them, to realize that you forgot the firecrackers. (Speaks the voice of experience) 
Apart from having to match near the firecrackers, its quite a simple level, as long as you have the right crops. 
If you make matches carefully, you can watch them keep falling and the points keep going up, not only gathering the crops you need, but also hitting the firecrackers too. 
If you know you are not going to beat the level before you finish, just quit and restart it.

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