Level 363

24 Moves (revised)
55 Apples
55 Carrots
55 Onions
55 Strawberries

Please note that the number of moves is now 24. Our video only uses 21 moves. Otherwise the level is still the same, you just have more moves :)
Level 363 is such an annoying level because you look at it and think, oh yes, there is grass for added value, this will be such an easy level. 

And really it is. 
Except for the water barrels. They get in your way, and you end up flooded with water before you know it. 
If your board is full of water, all is not lost, as all the water will be removed and fresh crops will fall again, its when it just falls here and there a few drops at a time it becomes annoying. 
Try and match on the grass where you can. Look at your moves and think how moving one crop will affect another, could you make a better match? 
Use shovels on any rogue crops that are in the way, or higher value crops if you want to make life easier. 
If you don't go with the flood your board with water route, try and make matches in the middle of the water barrels if you can, rather than right against them. This can slow the onslaught of water. You may find you have to replay this level over and over a few times, but you will do it.


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