Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 362

25 Moves
4 Flowers
60 Suns
60 Water drops

The flowers are in awkward places for us to gather them, but not too difficult that we cannot do it. 

I personally found the flowers on the right the hardest to collect. 
Watch for chances to make matches against your flowers as they fall down, to make sure that you don't waste an opportunity. 
Its really annoying to make a move and just as you move your crop, realize you could have moved something better elsewhere. 
This is where your firecrackers will come in handy, as you make matches, they can ignite and hopefully, if you are lucky, land on your flowers and open them for you. 
Be careful that you don't forget to collect your crops when you are busy watching the flowers, try and get higher numbers on them to make it easier for yourself. 
If you do this it means that you have less crops to collect. Its a tricky level so don't be disheartened if you don't do well straight away but you can do it with patience.
I also found as soon as I used companions, the crops fell better for me too. It was a very good board in the second video grrr.


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