Level 356

We have been lulled into a false sense of security, with the last 3 episodes being easier than previous episodes. They obviously heard us complaining. We really should remember to keep quiet lol. This level, as you can see is tricky. We need 55 water but the barrels are all over in one corner. And Firecrackers are introduced.
They work exactly the same as the other obstacles in the game, but with a slight difference. You need to match 3 rows of cropsies next to them, but when they explode, they send out little sparks, that work the same way as a shovel does. Cool huh!
So if they land on water, they knock the barrel up a notch, if they land on crops, they remove it, if they land on ice, it breaks it up.
The only problem we have with these is sometimes you might have lined up a nice row elsewhere, and the firecracker spoils it by taking a crop. So really its up to you, whether you want to use them, or avoid them.
On some levels like this one though, you definitely want to use them, otherwise you only touch one of the water barrels to move it. On the first day of the new levels, I struggled through it, replaying it many times. I also noticed that when I started playing it, the board was laid out EXACTLY the same way every time. Same crops, same places. And it would not let me beat it. Today while writing these tips, I have a different layout and managed to reach 2 stars using one shovel.
So it is proof, if you cannot do the level, switch it off, walk away and come back to it later. And a valuable tip I learnt, if it does that, clear your cache!
To get past this level, you need to match up the suns when you can, matching any higher value ones first. And then in between, you need to make matches next to the firecrackers.
See if you can hit more than one at a time, then it means less work for you. They will jump out randomly hitting anywhere, but some will land on your water, making the water jump out. Match it up as soon as you can. You can use shovels to pat the water, AND to move the firecracker on a notch, very handy if you are getting short of moves.


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