Level 355

The spider has 2 empty nests to jump in to. You know by now how to defeat him, but a little reminder, break his web up so you can make a row of clean crops, and off he will jump to another nest. Do the same for all nests and he will go.This is one of those levels that its not a hard level, but if you don't watch carefully, and don't get the right board, you will end up being eaten alive by snowballs.
You don't need to collect any water, BUT if you find you have a board full of snow, then by making a lot of water, you can wipe all that snow away. It will jump out and if you get a lot jump out, then making plus 5 moves and vanishing. Leaving nice crops to fall again. Use shovels to break webs to save time and moves.
Try to break the webs as soon as possible, then it gives you more room to move.
Watch your snowballs, try and make matches against them when you have a lot fall down. It will reshuffle if you have no moves left.


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