Level 353

Always get the highest number of crops first. That said, this will be tricky because of the columns of slime that we have, The flowers are in the middle and surrounded by ice. Watch out for what crops are at the side when you are about to make a move. its really frustrating to line up a row of high value crops, and then to see as you do it, there is an evil grumpy of the same type that cancels out all your points. These grumpies can still be of some use though to help open flowers or break ice, when we match them with other crops. Its tricky to get the little blighter's at the bottom, the remaining last two flowers, even if you get all the other crops within the moves. But it can be done. Build value up, use shovels where you can and you will be fine. Maybe eventually, but you will do it. The idea is to make many many rows of crops fall at the same time by making a chain reaction, the more matches per move, the easier you will do the level.


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