Level 350

A really hard level. Make as many matches next to as many water barrels as you can. This will mean you have more water jump out at one time.
Use your shovels to crack eggs if you need to, it will save you a move if you have 2 cracked next to one uncracked.
You can also use your shovels to pat the water and remove stray crops. You need to increase the value of the crops you remove, so try and line your crops up so that it removes more than one match per move. Not easy i know sometimes.
Keep at it, you will beat this level.
Save a shovel for any possible stray strawberries towards the end of the level. You can gain up to 9 points on single crops with clever matching around, so if you need a few strawberries but are running out of moves and don't have any possibilities to make a row of them, with making water rows, you can soon build up points on your strawberry and shovel it away.


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