Level 344

24 Moves
4 Flowers
100 Water drops

This level has changed since it was first released. We still have the same amount of moves, but less water to get, and instead of having the parachute booster, we now have water barrels to help us.
We have to get the 4 flowers that are hidden behind snow and iced crops. The easiest way to get them is to start making the water, which we need to gather anyway.

When the water jumps out, some of it will land above the flowers, if it doesn't match 3, you can always use a shovel to break the iced crops.
Its quite a simple level now, just harder to get a bigger score. Make sure you try and make rows against the water, or at least touching more than one barrel at a time, then it will help you get water in less moves.
Make sure any higher value crops are collected first. The higher value on your crops, the less you need to collect.


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