Level 343

21 Moves
30 Apples
30 Strawberries
5 Flowers

Keep an eye on the bombs, they have a habit of sneaking up on you. The other problem we have on here, again, are the snowballs. We need to get the flowers but as soon as we make matches they fall down and make things harder.

The hardest flowers to get are the ones at the top, so try and get them out of the way as much as you can before the snow falls.
See if you can match up between the flowers, so they open more than one at a time.
Use a shovel on bombs that cannot be matched. Make use of any match 5 chances.
This is a really frustrating level because you waste so many moves on the bombs. Don't bother with companions. By the time you have collected enough strawberries to activate them, you will be running out of moves.
They generously gave you another move since we made the video, so you have got an extra move to do better than we did :)


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