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Level 884

25 Moves 6 Poppy Flowers 14 Oysters 125 Strawberries 125 Suns This is quite a fun level really. I would clear the majority of the oysters first and then get the first row of poppies out of the way. The poppies are on logs now, so they should move into better areas for you to hit with your bulls. You can even move your bull onto the log to get the more awkward poppies. To get all the crops you need, you will as usual have to be clever and use combinations and hopefully you will get +5 too.

Level 883

23 Moves Requirements: 4 Black sheep 200 Onions 200 Carrots 200 Apples The amount of grass on this level makes it better to get all the needed crops. The problem we have are the black sheep. Because they eat what they land on, they need different squares of hay. Use the crops on the logs to help you guide them back. Put the sheep on the logs itself and they can move around for you to easier places while you are getting crops or moving the other sheep. Get the furthest pieces of hay to begin with if you can, then if you run out of moves you don't have so far to go.

Level 882

44 Moves Requirements: 6 Flowers 175 Apples 175 Carrots 2 Chicks Whenever you have a lot of moves, it means one thing. Its not easy. The best way to tackle this is to try and gain as many crops as you can before you release the chickens. If you use the grower companion then you don't need to worry too much about opening flowers. If you don't, then make sure you get the corner ones opened first as they are the trickiest ones. You do need combinations etc again, and +5 as you know and I keep saying, always help. Even if they are of the wrong crop. Once you free your chickens then make as many matches next to them as you can so you get them laying eggs all over the board. This means you should have a good chance of being able to match them up. I would save shovels until towards the end because its frustrating just needing one more cracked egg and finding you haven't got another near. So if you save shovels for cases like this, it all helps. ** Note our

Level 881

15 Moves 160 Apples 160 Strawberries 2 Sheep At first glance the first level of the new episode is scary. But really its not as bad as it looks. The hay is drifting around so its a matter of moving the sheep down and over to it. You will likely have a good amount of crops at this point, but the less moves you do the above in, the more moves you have for crop collecting. You DO NOT need to collect ANY flowers to pass the level, but you will have to remove some as they are blocking off the hay from the sheep. Careful matches can open more than one at a time.  Try moving the sheep down and closer to it as soon as you can, then once the logs rotate you will hopefully be able to get over. 

Level 880

1 9 Moves Requirements: 3 Sheep 130 Apples 130 Carrots 130 Suns I thought this level was going to be easy to start with but its not. You need to move the sheep down over the different rivers to the hay. Sometimes its easier to get a row made next to the sheep, rather than under it. In fact that's true most of the time. You do need as many +5 rows as you can, because we need so many crops but we don't have enough of them. Watch for two sheep on either sides of a row that could be led onto the sheep at the same time. The good thing about this level, and the only good thing..the sheep are white not black. If you get your sheep down quickly, use your last moves to get your crops.

Level 355

The spider has 2 empty nests to jump in to. You know by now how to defeat him, but a little reminder, break his web up so you can make a row of clean crops, and off he will jump to another nest. Do the same for all nests and he will go.This is one of those levels that its not a hard level, but if you don't watch carefully, and don't get the right board, you will end up being eaten alive by snowballs. You don't need to collect any water, BUT if you find you have a board full of snow, then by making a lot of water, you can wipe all that snow away. It will jump out and if you get a lot jump out, then making plus 5 moves and vanishing. Leaving nice crops to fall again. Use shovels to break webs to save time and moves. Try to break the webs as soon as possible, then it gives you more room to move. Watch your snowballs, try and make matches against them when you have a lot fall down. It will reshuffle if you have no moves left.

Level 354

You need to get all the flowers open and gone, to get to the grass, where you can take away your grumpiness and add extra points. Make a break in the flowers as soon as you can, then the mean crops will fall underneath onto the grass, and not only will you make matches above your crops, you will make them underneath too. Use your shovels if you can make a match somewhere, or just to tap a flower to open it. Watch out for higher valued crops, because you have limited moves and so many flowers to open, you need to increase value on the crops you can remove. Try and match horizontally along your flowers to remove more than one at a time.

Level 353

Always get the highest number of crops first. That said, this will be tricky because of the columns of slime that we have, The flowers are in the middle and surrounded by ice. Watch out for what crops are at the side when you are about to make a move. its really frustrating to line up a row of high value crops, and then to see as you do it, there is an evil grumpy of the same type that cancels out all your points. These grumpies can still be of some use though to help open flowers or break ice, when we match them with other crops. Its tricky to get the little blighter's at the bottom, the remaining last two flowers, even if you get all the other crops within the moves. But it can be done. Build value up, use shovels where you can and you will be fine. Maybe eventually, but you will do it. The idea is to make many many rows of crops fall at the same time by making a chain reaction, the more matches per move, the easier you will do the level.

Level 352 **Rancid**

Its a Rancid Level And this time we only need to get 120 water drops. If you played it before this, you will notice its changed and in my opinion it was easier before. There are only two water barrels to make water from, but luckily for us there are limited crops on this board. No suns or Strawberries, so you have more scope for rows of 5 and other combinations. Make as many rows next to your water barrels to get the water flowing, when it does leap out, watch where it falls and try to play your moves around it. The idea is to get extra value on the drops, because you won't be able to make a lot of water, and will run out of moves if you do not get those added points. If you get high value on single drops (ie 9) and cannot make a row, use your shovel to remove it. I would also advise using your shovel to remove crops that are in the way of good matches, because remember, if you make lots of matches next to your water drops, that is how you get the value. You can also use shovel

Level 351

We have grass seeds on this level to help us make grass and cancel out the nasty slime, so when you can make it, take advantage of it. Remember you can change a grass seed even if the seed is sat on the slime, as long as you use a healthy water droplet and even grumpies help open flowers. Make matches next to your snow balls, or before you know it, you have an avalanche and no useful crops. Build up the value of your needed crops, which will work nicely once you have grass as you will see the points going up. This is where planning multiple matches will come in.

Level 350

A really hard level. Make as many matches next to as many water barrels as you can. This will mean you have more water jump out at one time. Use your shovels to crack eggs if you need to, it will save you a move if you have 2 cracked next to one uncracked. You can also use your shovels to pat the water and remove stray crops. You need to increase the value of the crops you remove, so try and line your crops up so that it removes more than one match per move. Not easy i know sometimes. Keep at it, you will beat this level. Save a shovel for any possible stray strawberries towards the end of the level. You can gain up to 9 points on single crops with clever matching around, so if you need a few strawberries but are running out of moves and don't have any possibilities to make a row of them, with making water rows, you can soon build up points on your strawberry and shovel it away.

Level 349

No bombs, yippee! We do have snowballs so try and make matches next to them to break them up. Remember tho if they are on an ice patch, they will just refreeze anyway. Try and get some +5 matches and remove all of the same crop in one go. That helps. Plan your matches in advance, don't just look at what happens on the line you are matching, see what will happen to crops above and around it. Try to plan it so that one move makes multiple matches. This will build value up on crops. Move the higher value crops first, using a shovel if necessary.

Level 348

A long row of snowballs and bombs here again and the rabbit who hasn't found a nice stew to sit in. I think we are all fed up with the bombs now. This is a mean level, all the bombs are apples, and apples are the one thing we don't need to collect. This means we need to remove the apples anyway. Make matches next to the flowers and next to the snowballs if you can, but this will probably be just a level you keep needing to replay over and over until you get it.

Level 347

Horrid Horrid Horrid level! Look at all the bombs. This one takes a lot of patience. You have to keep an eye on the bombs and match them as quickly as possible because there are more bombs than moves before they blow up. You can use a shovel to remove single bombs though. On top of that we also have a board full of grumpies and no grass to make things easier. Match as many crops in groups of 5 as you can, this will help you beat this level as it will remove a huger amount of bombs. Without doing that, you will not be successful.

Level 346

Work on getting the crops needed first as most of the eggs will fall down when you move crops and hopefully match up. Match them up against the barrels as much as possible so that the water jumps out. If you are one short of a cracked egg, why not use a shovel to crack it? It's not a hard level, but its tricky as the snowballs keep falling and leaving you cropless. Patience is needed.

Level 345 **Farm Club**

We need so many of the crops we need to start working on them straight away, but also at the same time trying to make eggs crack and match up and move the spiders. Multi-tasking challenge! Break the webs as soon as you can. Even on nests that the spider has left as it make it easier when he jumps into nearby ones. Use shovels to break webs or crack eggs if you are stuck and make the biggest combinations of matches you can. Cascading crops will add to your crop count points.

Level 344

24 Moves Requirements: 4 Flowers 100 Water drops This level has changed since it was first released. We still have the same amount of moves, but less water to get, and instead of having the parachute booster, we now have water barrels to help us. We have to get the 4 flowers that are hidden behind snow and iced crops. The easiest way to get them is to start making the water, which we need to gather anyway. When the water jumps out, some of it will land above the flowers, if it doesn't match 3, you can always use a shovel to break the iced crops . Its quite a simple level now, just harder to get a bigger score. Make sure you try and make rows against the water, or at least touching more than one barrel at a time, then it will help you get water in less moves. Make sure any higher value crops are collected first. The higher value on your crops, the less you need to collect.

Level 343

21 Moves Requirements: 30 Apples 30 Strawberries 5 Flowers Keep an eye on the bombs, they have a habit of sneaking up on you. The other problem we have on here, again, are the snowballs. We need to get the flowers but as soon as we make matches they fall down and make things harder. The hardest flowers to get are the ones at the top, so try and get them out of the way as much as you can before the snow falls. See if you can match up between the flowers, so they open more than one at a time. Use a shovel on bombs that cannot be matched. Make use of any match 5 chances. This is a really frustrating level because you waste so many moves on the bombs. Don't bother with companions. By the time you have collected enough strawberries to activate them, you will be running out of moves. They generously gave you another move since we made the video, so you have got an extra move to do better than we did :)

Level 342

We need to open all the flowers again, which are nicely arranged in a circle, with long lengths of crops either side. This should mean that we can make matches next to multiple flowers, meaning we save moves opening them. The only problems we have are the water barrels, which could work to our advantage. If we get enough water jump out, they can clear the board leaving nicer crops to fall ; And also the snowballs. They are a pain as they constantly need breaking to get to crops. The water drops don't count towards our goals, but can still be used to open flowers. If they are constantly matched up as well, they can also add value to our needed crops.

Level 341

You will see on this level that the snowballs are being held back by the flowers, so as soon as you open the flowers, they will start falling. If you don't make matches to break them, they will build up and you will not be able to move. So watch them carefully and try to break them as quickly as possible so you don't end up "snowed under". Work on getting the flowers as quickly as possible, if you can, match crops on the grass for added value. Try and match next to more than one flower at a time, if you only work on opening one flower each time, you will run out of moves. Plan your moves ahead in advance. A tricky level luck has a lot to do with it.

Level 878

20 Moves Requirements: 100 Carrots 100 Apples 1 Dragon 1 Chick This level isn't as eggasperating as it looks! Make your dragon by cracking the iced crop in between and then you can swap the last egg to make the row. Breaking the rest of the iced crops is pretty easy as long as you get cascading crops, so building up points on them will get your crops. Its a little harder to get more than one star unless you are lucky, but hey, that's a pass, does it really matter? You don't even need to move both chickens to get a good amount of eggs to make your chick. Just move them while you are busy making crop rows and they will soon fall into place. Save your shovel for cracking eggs, or helping for extra points at the end of the level.

Level 877

24 Moves (revised) 6 Oysters 2 Poppy Flowers 100 Onions 100 Strawberries To get the oysters you need to get the poppies out of the way which isn't so easy as they are sailing around on logs. Out of the days I personally was stuck on this, the best way of completion I found was to tackle the floating poppies first. Move your bulls up and down until you have removed both, then take them back down to get the ones in the bottom corners. Once they are hit you can move up and take out the top corners. Along with chasing bulls, you need to grab the crops with the highest points on first. If you have several rows of 5 crops, removing all, even if its not a required crop, will make more crops fall and add to your points. You will need patience for this level but it can be done without boosters or extra shovels.

Level 876 **Rancid**

22 Moves Requirements: 920 Apples, Carrots, Onions, Water drops This isn't such a bad level if you have a lucky board. You need lots of cascading crops and +5 rows. Although you have a few seeds, I would recommend only making two or three patches of grass, near each other. Then if your crops cascade, you will have lots of extra points on the crops. Use shovels to make combinations so your crops don't lose points.

Level 875

30 Moves (revised) 1 Sheep 1 Black sheep 200 Water drops 100 Apples This one is not an easy level but its quite a fun one. **edit, they changed it and made it easier!** You don't need to open the flowers to pass the level but you do need to open them to remove them so that you can lead the sheep to hay. Make as much water as you can. When opening the flowers, don't lead the sheep down until you have opened them. Because if you are not careful the sheep will be waiting in a que to get down but will block your crops from falling under them. Although we need quite a few crops, its easier to get them than it is the sheep. See if you can lead a black and a white sheep to the hay in one row. The white sheep goes first, so it won't matter when the black sheep eats it.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 385

Farm Heroes Saga Level 384

Farm Heroes Saga Level 383 **Rancid**

Farm Heroes Saga Level 382

Farm Heroes Saga Level 381

Farm Heroes Saga Level 380

Farm Heroes Saga Level 379

Farm Heroes Saga Level 378

Level 377

Level 376 **Farm Club**

Level 375

We can see the 5 Spiders sitting on the board, there are two empty nests waiting to be filled. Spoil their fun by breaking their webs as quickly as you can, once the jump into the empty nests you get mostly a solid block of web at the bottom and its harder to reach them. Firecrackers are also your friends as well as a requirement in this level, they act like shovels, but instead of hitting one place, can hit multiple places, so can break webs for you too if they land in a handy place. I think it hits in four places, but its fast so I could be wrong lol. Many times I use shovels to break a piece of web to get things started, as you usually find a good move and one of the crops are webbed. It saves using a move. Although you have 24, I have noticed the more moves you have, the less easy the level is. Its hard really on this level to say what the best plan of action is. Consider all your moves before you make them would really be the best one, something I frequently don't do becau

Level 374

Brrrrr its a little cold on this board. It might have something to do with the ice patches and rows of snowballs ready to take over our board. I say we fight back! Match up next to them when they have moved (so not on an ice patch or they just turn back to snow) and blast them to snowflakes, keep an eye that you don't get too many or your board will look like an avalanche has happened. Keep on top of it and you will be fine. Once again you are aiming for multiple matches, imagine a row of dominoes being set off by one falling, that is what the best way to complete these levels looks like. If you can match 5 of a crop even better, but remember on this level, that won't remove the snowballs even if they are next to that crop. The more crops you remove at once, the better your added values will be.

Level 373

Here we have some water drops already on the board and we can see we have barrels too. Again these barrels are not so easy to get to. They are hidden behind the flowers, because nobody likes an easy game. The good thing about this level, is they changed it slightly, so we only need 8 flowers now instead of the 12 from before. Luckily most of the flowers are opened by falling crops. I found it easier to move cropsies from the bottom area of the board, because as crops fall down to fill the gaps, chain reactions can happen too, helping you with matches and flowers higher up. Make sure you keep making matches near the water and keep your eyes open for higher value cropsies that can be matched, or single ones removed with a shovel, and also the shovels can be used to pat your water barrels if you are running out of moves and the water is on the top level. If its high, patting it will make it jump out without having to match next to it.

Level 372

This level is a tricky little level. We need to open the buds but they are not easy to get to. We need to arrange the crops so that they fall into lines next to them. The bottom ones will be easier to get to, but as you move them, new crops will fall from the top and hopefully make matches too. Take advantage of the little firecrackers, make matches next to them so that they will jump all over the board, and IF you are really lucky, they will land on the flowers and open them for you. This makes your game a lot easier. Plan your moves carefully, I tend to rush in where I see a move, then realize I could have done a better one if I had just paid more attention. Make sure that you check every row, against every flower to see if you can match up next to a flower. Watch the top row as well, its easy to miss crops in the right place there. At least with this level there are no rabbits, or snowballs or ticking crops and you only need to get one type of crops other than the flowers. Make sure

Level 371

19 Moves Requirements: 14 Flowers 22 Water drops 100 Suns 100 Strawberries The harder levels continue with no new surprises so more practising with known obstacles. On this level, you will see that we need to get water, but all of the water barrels are hidden behind the flowers. This means that we will have to clear them away before we can start splashing water around. When working to clear flowers, you will notice that as usual, you will get more value added to your crops by matching them on the grass, but not only this, if you try and match the crops against a line of flowers, you can open multiple buds at a time and save moves. They are nicely positioned to make it easier for us. To make the value of the Strawberries and Suns, plan your moves carefully, if you time them right, they will keep falling, building up the points nicely. Keep an eye on your water count though. It can be easy to gather the crops, and open flowers and then realize that you have no water. Its probably easie

Level 370

Now personally, I know I am a rarity, but I like the spider levels. I find them fun. Mr Incey Wincey is sat nice and cosy in his nest, and he has two spare ones to jump into before he is finally defeated. Also we have iced crops, so between the two obstacles, we have to fight our way to the flowers. We need to start with matching the crops to try and either break the web or smash the ice. If you want to make life easier, you can use a shovel to do either of these to help you. We can see the firecrackers sat snoozing away, make sure you wake them up and make use of them. You don't have to use them if you would rather avoid them, its entirely up to you. As a rule the more moves you have, the harder the level is. This isn't a particularly tricky level, but it is one you might need to replay a few times (or more) before you can fulfill all the requirements. The quickest way to finish this level is to break the webs and the ice first, once you have a clear space, move your way o

Level 369

Oh no the bombs are back! When we first looked at the crops needed, we could be forgiven for thinking this level might not be too bad, until we look at the board and rapidly change our mind, but really it isn't quite as bad as some of the bomb levels. Try and match 5 bombs in a row, this is the easiest way to remove all of the same colour bombs in one swoop. If a crop is in the way, remove it with the shovel so that you can get your 5. If you are really lucky, you can do this several times making a lot of nice matches and avoiding losing any to the bombs. Sit back and watch your score go up. If you cannot do this, you will just have to keep an eye on your bombs and match them up as soon as you can. You can use a shovel to remove them too, so if you find that you cannot match stray bombs, shovel them away.

Level 368

As you can see in this level, most of the flowers are at the bottom of the screen and the firecrackers are sleeping away under them. IF you can, start with your flowers in the middle, but so far it seems as though the game knows that is what you will try, so makes it harder. In any case you need to get the flowers cleared to get the firecrackers activated. So far it seems that unless the board shuffles because you have no moves, they stay down there and you don't get any more fall until you have destroyed some of them. We can make use of our shovels in this level, so don't forget to make sure you have bought them before you start playing this level. At least once we start setting off the firecrackers, they sometimes can help themselves by exploding onto the other ones sat sleeping too.

Level 367 **Rancid**

New video

Level 366

The flowers are positioned in such nice places that it makes it difficult to get multiple matches. We only need to collect the flowers and water, but we have to match up the other crops so that the water can leap out of the barrels. In theory this is easy. What we need to do, is match up the crops on the board, so they touch more than one barrel. Maybe in between two, or a long row so it touches more than one. If you can do it next to a flower as well that will be even better. We need to make enough matches, touching enough barrels, so that lots of water droplets leap out of the barrels, make matches themselves and then they can help move more water out too. If you can get a full board of water, it will match 5 somewhere and all the water will be gone in one swoosh. Not only that, it will help move the water levels up as well. So if we are really lucky, we can sit there and watch the flood do all our work for us. It can be tricky to get the chain reaction of water flowing, so you

Level 365

Level 364

15 Moves Requirements: 5 Firecrackers 70 Water drops 70 Apples 70 Carrots The object of Level 364 is slightly different. Instead of choosing to use firecrackers, you have to use 5 of them this time to meet your requirements.  It can be quite simple if all the crops keep falling, to gather all them, to realize that you forgot the firecrackers. (Speaks the voice of experience)  Apart from having to match near the firecrackers, its quite a simple level, as long as you have the right crops.  If you make matches carefully, you can watch them keep falling and the points keep going up, not only gathering the crops you need, but also hitting the firecrackers too.  If you know you are not going to beat the level before you finish, just quit and restart it.

Level 363

24 Moves (revised) Requirements: 55 Apples 55 Carrots 55 Onions 55 Strawberries Please note that the number of moves is now 24. Our video only uses 21 moves. Otherwise the level is still the same, you just have more moves :)   Level 363 is such an annoying level because you look at it and think, oh yes, there is grass for added value, this will be such an easy level.  And really it is.  Except for the water barrels. They get in your way, and you end up flooded with water before you know it.  If your board is full of water, all is not lost, as all the water will be removed and fresh crops will fall again, its when it just falls here and there a few drops at a time it becomes annoying.  Try and match on the grass where you can. Look at your moves and think how moving one crop will affect another, could you make a better match?  Use shovels on any rogue crops that are in the way, or higher value crops if you want to make life easier.  If you don't go with the flood your board

Level 362

25 Moves Requirements: 4 Flowers 60 Suns 60 Water drops The flowers are in awkward places for us to gather them, but not too difficult that we cannot do it.  I personally found the flowers on the right the hardest to collect.  Watch for chances to make matches against your flowers as they fall down, to make sure that you don't waste an opportunity.  Its really annoying to make a move and just as you move your crop, realize you could have moved something better elsewhere.  This is where your firecrackers will come in handy, as you make matches, they can ignite and hopefully, if you are lucky, land on your flowers and open them for you.  Be careful that you don't forget to collect your crops when you are busy watching the flowers, try and get higher numbers on them to make it easier for yourself.  If you do this it means that you have less crops to collect. Its a tricky level so don't be disheartened if you don't do well straight away but you can do it with patience

Level 361

I used the ice breaker companion as it was the only way I could get near it. Make crops cascade!

Level 360 **Farm Club**

On this level we have several spider webs to break, but unlike the last set of levels, no snowballs to hinder us thankfully. This time have the added advantage of the firecrackers to help us...or hinder, depending on how you look at it. In this case they can be quite useful as they can unlock the webs for us, if they spark onto them. It should be quite straightforward, work on breaking the webs, gathering any higher value crops as you go and you should finish this level nicely. Its definitely not one of the hardest farm club levels you will meet.  

Level 359

Firstly try and get most of your crops out of the way if you can, once the chickens are there, it becomes harder. They just get in your way and you have a lot less crops. Once you have removed most of your crops, start making matches next to firecrackers and then they will jump and hit the chickens to move them, who will then move onto the main board so you can get them to lay eggs. If you need to, you could always use a shovel to move a chicken or crack an egg. Make as many rows next to the chickens as you can so you can get them to lay plenty of eggs.  

Level 358

This level is a little tricky because you have spiders and their webs hidden in each corner. The trick with this level is to set the firecrackers off, then will explode and hopefully land on one of the webs to break them. It's easier to get the bottom two spiders than the top as you can move the crops at the bottom, to fall where you want, but you can still do the higher ones. Once the higher spiders web are broken, crops will fall as you remove them. Otherwise you will end up with gaps. Try and set off as many firecrackers as you can to help you. But be prepared to play this level a few times unless you are really lucky. Watch carefully for any higher value crops because the more value you have the less crops you will need to remove.

Level 357

Fortunately this level is a little more easier than the last one. Still challenging though. Make matches near your firecrackers to start them burning away and jumping to help you. You need to try and make matches horizontally or vertically depending on which way your flowers are lying. The more flowers you touch when you match, the less problems you will have finishing this level in enough moves. Make as many rows as you can on grass too for extra points. This level isn't so much hard, you just need patience to have the right board.

Level 356

We have been lulled into a false sense of security, with the last 3 episodes being easier than previous episodes. They obviously heard us complaining. We really should remember to keep quiet lol. This level, as you can see is tricky. We need 55 water but the barrels are all over in one corner. And Firecrackers are introduced. They work exactly the same as the other obstacles in the game, but with a slight difference. You need to match 3 rows of cropsies next to them, but when they explode, they send out little sparks, that work the same way as a shovel does. Cool huh! So if they land on water, they knock the barrel up a notch, if they land on crops, they remove it, if they land on ice, it breaks it up. The only problem we have with these is sometimes you might have lined up a nice row elsewhere, and the firecracker spoils it by taking a crop. So really its up to you, whether you want to use them, or avoid them. On some levels like this one though, you definitely want to use them, o

Level 108

30 Moves 5 Alligators 75 Onions We have some airdrop boosters given to us for help in this level. Break the iced crops. Make rows of the onions with as many points on as you can, later on when you have got the eggs and made the dragons, if you are short of onions, use the boosters to get extra. You need to swap an onion with the booster and it will drop some more down for you.

Level 107

35 Moves 1 Dragon 80 Suns 100 Apples Work from the bottom as much as you can. Again on this level we have some grass, so make as many rows as you can on it. You need quite a few crops so be aware of checking for possible +5 rows. Any crops help with that even if its not the ones you want. We only need one dragon, but the eggs are not all ready to crack, so you need to make a lot of rows to get them into position. Its a good idea to get a good head start on cracking eggs, gathering crops as you have good matches.

Level 106

40 Moves 8 Flowers 20 Water drops 50 Strawberries 50 Onions Start with breaking the ice so that you can get to the flowers and then work on opening them. You do have smaller patches of grass in the corners, so any rows you make on there will get extra points, but they are not easy to get to. If you cannot break ice using crops then remember you can use a shovel to break it. Once you get your flowers out of the way, that is when you make your water drops by making as many rows next to your buckets as you can. Always look out for chances of +5 crop matching no matter which level you are on.

Level 105 **Farm Club**

15 Moves Requirements: 52 Apples 52 Onions A lot of grumpy sad faces here but there is grass too. Its a farm club level so its not so easy, but all you need to do is make them happy again. Try and make as many rows as you can on the grass. Use shovels to drop crops so that they move onto the grass. Always check your moves before you make them. Its easy to line up a nice combination to have it ruined by the grumpy crop you didn't see joining on. Try and make rows out of unneeded crops to make the ones you do need, fall onto the grass.

Level 104

30 Moves 8 Flowers 1 Dragon 100 Suns To begin with on this level, try to make as many rows against as many flowers as you can. The more flowers you touch, the more moves you save. Its not one of the easiest ones in this section, so don't feel disheartened if it seems like you are here a while. These levels are sent to try us! Wherever you can, always make crops rows on your grass. You have plenty of grass so use it well. This will automatically add points to your crops and if you can make other rows near them, the points will build up.

Level 103

14 Moves 50 Strawberries 50 Suns 50 Water drops Not an egg in sight this time. You only have the needed crops on the board which is good because it means more points. Use combinations and match 5 of each crop to remove all of that type. Not only will it clear the board giving you more falling crops, it will add points to the rest of your crops. Use the points wisely.

Level 102

30 Moves 5 Dragons 80 Suns I would concentrate on the dragons to begin with. Again as you are making those, you will get suns falling and having extra points added onto them. As this happens then make any rows you can see. The good thing about this level is you only get Strawberries as extra crops that you don't need to collect. So you have more suns falling to help you. Its only a small board, but that isn't always a bad thing. It means you have more chance of matches making themselves.

Level 101

29 Moves 3 Dragons 20 Onions 20 Strawberries 20 Suns The hardest part about this level is that you need to move the eggs on from a lower stage. They don't come washed and ready to crack. So you need to match as many up as you can, and leave room for them to fall, and make others fall into place. As you are busy cracking eggs, you will be moving crops around anyway, and as you are making egg matches, points will be going onto your crops. As soon as you see a possible row with extra points, go and make it before you make a move and they vanish. Moving crops from the bottom is always good as you get new ones falling and often making rows themselves.

Level 430

Level 429

Level 428

Level 427

Level 426 **Rancid**

Level 425

Level 424

Level 423

Level 422

Level 421

Level 420 **Farm Club**

Level 419

Level 418

Level 417

Level 416

Level 874

20 Moves 2 Chick 75 Apples 75 Carrots The chickens are behind the poppies. You don't need to collect the poppies for the requirements, It doesn't seem to make too much difference using companions, but it might just make it a little easier for you. You can complete the level if you only move one chicken, which is good as it doesn't take so many crops flying about, like it would if you used all 3. Save shovels until the last as you could use them to crack eggs. Two things are important though. Do not move the bulls out of those rows until they have got the poppy in each row. And at least one has hit the chicken. If you move it by mistake, start again. Unless you were lucky enough to get a chicken in the right spot, you won't be able to get it back in its place. Try and get as many combinations etc to get as many crops as you can before you move a chicken. Once the chicken is in play, it regularly lands on crops you have lined up.

Level 873

18 Moves Requirements 6 Oysters 15 Firecrackers 100 Apples 100 Carrots At the moment this is quite a fun easy level. Unless they decide to change it. Make as many rows next to the firecrackers as you can, they will explode and break the iced onions for you, they will also help open oysters and gather your crops. Save your shovels for towards the end, because if you find yourself needing an oyster opened, its always good to have a shovel. Combinations will get your needed points on crops.

Level 872

18 Moves 3 Sheep 65 Apples 65 Carrots 2 Poppy flowers The easiest route is Take the bull straight up and move him left and right to get the poppies.  Keep him out of the way once he has been dealt with. And if you don't get the sheep onto the main board on the top part, set up your crops at the bottom so you catch them then. Try not to let them go around again. You need to move sheep in as few moves as you can to save moves for crop gathering. But as you are busy making the sheep go home, you should hopefully be able to gain points on crops too. Watch the video to see a demo of how you could complete :)

Level 871

? Moves 2 Dragons 90 Onions 90 Strawberries 10 Water drops If you were to build up the value of the water drops in the middle, you wouldn't need to worry about making any water from the buckets. You only seem to get 6 uncracked eggs on the board at one time, so try to keep them together so you can make rows to crack. Otherwise its practically impossible. I am not sure how many cracked eggs you can have, as I didn't count, but it might be worth watching to see. You need to make sure that you add points to the rest of your crops. Try setting them up to cascade, and you should get some opportunities to have 5 of a row. Once you have got your water, it doesn't matter if you set your frogs jumping about, as all they can do is squash some crops, not eat any. Be prepared to play over and over again.

Level 870 **Farm Club**

16 Moves (revised) 45 Apples 45 Carrots 45 Water drops 45 Onions Try and match up some crops next to your buckets of water. Because the slime can be avoided, but why settle for one star on a farm club level when you can have 3? When the water co-operates and jumps next to a seed, make your grass. Hopefully covering the slime. If you can make a few patches of grass here and there b ut near each other not only will you counteract the slime, but you will also get vitally needed points on your crops. Watch for the crops on logs to help make matches for you without having to make another move to get them. So set them up carefully so that when they rotate, they make new rows for you. Always get the higher points crops first and as usual +5 really help.