Friday, 20 February 2015

Magic beans and buying shovels

So you collect magic beans but you don't know why or how you are gathering them.
Magic beans are the Farm Heroes Currency and they come in very handy.
Every time you are sent a life by your friends, if your lives are full, they change to 100 magic beans! In a minute we will tell you the easiest way to earn them quickly with no cheating involved. But for now, let us tell you why you need plenty.
Firstly, they can be used to help defeat Rancid Raccoon. The Jury is out about the usefulness of that. Sometimes you can beat a level on hard without using them, than with the easy option .So its up to you. All is not lost if you have run out.
Secondly, you use them to buy companions help. The companions are available on all levels except for the Farm Club levels, which is where you can unlock them it you reach 3 stars. Again, they can be useful, sometimes more of a hindrance though.
And finally, my favourite. You know you get a shovel every 6 hours free. But before you start a level, you can buy 3 shovels for 250 beans. Just click where the little shovel icon is, amongst your other booster offerings and it will take you to a buying screen. Watch this video for a visual on that.

So how do we make all these beans?
Firstly, ignore all those scams and cheats that proclaim to give you free and unlimited beans, lives, boosters. They can also give you nasty viruses too. But not only that..if its a game you have to cheat to pass, do you really need to play it? Many of us are on the higher levels and have never resorted to buying cheats or using cheat engines. If our videos have millions of beans, its because we save them up. If only it was easy with real life money!
We have already mentioned that they are converted from lives you have been sent, if you have a full 5. So the best thing to do, is before you close down for the night, or for a few hours, send out a few life requests to all of your playing friends. That way when you log back on, you will have a lot of beans waiting for you. Do this everytime and they will soon add up!
Do you play via Facebook? It looks like you can only have a certain amount of requests in your inbox at one time. So all extra beans will be sat in cyberspace. To get the rest, refresh your game and more should come through!

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  1. For some reason when you ask for a life/beans you now have to individually click another dialogue box with your chosen friend's name in, and also, when you send them, each life has to be ticked one by one. Thankfully receiving them is the same, no changes. All designed to take time, and make you buy? That could just be my cynical hat I'm wearing :o{