Monday, 23 February 2015

Level 842

26 Moves (revised)
2 Sheep
10 Oysters
100 Suns
100 Apples
This level is so ARRGGGHHH. Especially since they stole two moves from us. But then they gave us more back and changed the crop requirements, You are so lucky!!
Primarily you need to clear oysters and the sheep.
Start with the bottom grumpy crops, as they are matched up and removed, the oysters will fall giving you more crops and more space to remove them.
Clear the flowers in the middle that you don't need, but are blocking your hay then you can take your sheep away. You will probably find that once you start, the others will be opened in normal gameplay without doing it specifically.
The only advice I can give is to clear in as few moves as possible so that you have more moves to get your needed crops.
In between clearing oysters though, you need to start moving your sheep across when ever you have any higher points on crops.

Shovels are needed.