Friday, 20 February 2015

Level 841

30 Moves (revised)
2 Dragons
18 Flowers
50 Onions
50 Suns
Firecrackers are your friends on this level.
Open as many flowers as you can with each row you make.
Once through to the firecrackers, set them off as many times as you can. Not only will they grab crops, they will also open flowers and crack eggs, and that is how you will make your dragons.
You do seem to get more eggs falling once you have removed the ones on the board, but they are slow, and randomly paced. So its easier to make the dragon out of the ones on the board.
Don't make a row out of them, leave them to be cracked by the firecrackers. Then once you get 3 in a row, they will hatch themselves.
Its a good idea to keep the matches horizontal, as they also help open the flowers in the bottom corners.

Getting the crops isn't so bad this time as long as you get extra points on them, just watch those flowers as they will be the problem.