Thursday, 19 February 2015

Level 840 **Farm club**

20 Moves (revised)
250 Water drops
165 Strawberries
165 Carrots
165 Apples
This farm club level isn't as bad as some we have had. Don't worry about the bombs, they are not really an issue if you make lots of water. Which you will.
The secret is to make as many moves as possible next to the water buckets, while, as per usual, gathering the crops with the highest amounts.
Luckily we need more water than other crops, so that is easy to collect. The other crops are worse, but keep making water, even if you have done that part, as if you flood the board with it, it will all go, leaving new crops to fall.
You do need +5 moves of any crops as soon as you get the chance.
Just make lots and lots of water making rows of other crops when they have extra points on.
With falling crops come added points, so you should get lucky sooner rather than later :)

**Note: Our video has less moves but otherwise its not changed. King added moves :) **