Thursday, 19 February 2015

Level 839

25 Moves (revised)
6 Flowers
35 Apples
35 Carrots
35 Suns
In the times I tried this level, I found if there wasn't a seed in the main part at the top, the best thing to do was to quit and start again.
The reason for this is, you need quite a few crops, have some awkward flowers and on top of that, grumpy crops caused by slime. So the more grass, the better.
Try and make patches of it together so it covers more squares and always catch the higher valued crops first.
While doing this, watch for rows next to the flowers.
The two on the left seem easy to get, despite the 2 squares of slime underneath, its the right side that is a little trickier.
If you cannot see a decent move on the top half of the board, make one on the lower half of the board. It will get crops moving around and hopefully falling crops. Otherwise, you don't really need the bottom of the board at all. The best place, is on the top part.
Try and make grass so that it overlaps slime, as it will cancel the slime out.

One thing I did notice, once you have removed the flowers, the crops in the area where there were, don't come down the main part of the board. They fall from above where the flowers used to be. So because they bypass the slime, they come down clean. So sometimes you can get rows on the sides too once they are free of flowers.