Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Level 838

32 Moves (revised)
65 Carrots
65 Onions
65 Suns
2 Chicks
Arggh frustrating. I used boosters for the first video eventually, hopefully I will come back and make one without. (and we did when they made it easier!!!)
Its the getting all crop numbers that's the hardest.
Each companion helps in its own way, but I am not convinced any of them help really well. Egg crackers would have been better lol.
Break the ice to free the chicks.
Make eggs everywhere you can, while grabbing higher numbers on crops.

You need a good board, and if you get nowhere in the first few moves, as always, quit and start again otherwise you have no chance of getting all you need.

**Note: Our video has more crops but otherwise its not changed. So the video doesn't need changing :) **