Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Level 837

23 Moves (revised)
2 Black Sheep
135 Strawberries
135 Suns
135 Water drops
Firstly, a quick reminder, always check requirements before you play. Then you save yourself from losing several lives because you have been trying to get all the flowers which you DO Not need :p
You do not need to open a single one for the requirements but you will to get your sheep.
The onions always start in that place, ready to make your sheep's path to freedom. All you need to do is clear enough flowers so that you have more playing room, and clear a path down to those onions so that you can free the sheep.
Its a fun level, you have a lot of crops falling, so if you take advantage of +5 and extra points from falling crops and combinations, you will have your requirements in no time.
Just don't waste so many moves on flowers, plan crop falling carefully so they hit a few at a time.

**Note: Our video has less moves but otherwise its not changed. King added moves :) **