Friday, 13 February 2015

Level 833

20 Moves
2 Poppy Flowers
2 Black Sheep
90 Strawberries
90 Suns
This level could probably be done without companions, but I have been on some of them so long, if I want to make video's I need to move on. If you have time, try it without.
Move both sheep over out of the columns they are in so you leave the road clear for the bull.
I know there are flowers there at the moment, but that is your next task. Either clear flowers by matching crops, or use the bulls to headbut them. Once the flowers are gone, take the bulls to the poppy flowers.
This leaves us with two things. One is getting enough crops and the other moving the sheep down.
Take every chance to move the sheep first unless you have had falling crops and have a lot of extra points on your crops.

Once your sheep are eating hay, then with the rest of your moves, and maybe shovels, gather all the needed crops.