Thursday, 5 February 2015

Level 824

28 Moves (revised)
2 Poppy Flowers
2 Black Sheep
140 Strawberries
140 Suns
Since they repositioned the poppies (and gave us 5 extra moves, thanks King!) its easier now to get them.
Move the bulls left and right respectively to get the top poppies, then DO NOT move the bulls at all. 
You could move them down to hit flowers, if you really feel you need to, but do not move them left or right. The reason being, they are in the perfect position to get the lower poppies. If you move them, it is possible to get back to where they need to be, but it involves wasting moves, positioning sheep in the right place and its a lot of trouble to go to.
You DO NOT need to get any of the flowers other than poppies to pass this level. But to get to the two bottom poppies, and the hay, you have to clear some.
Different variations seem to help as regards moving the bull. If you make a row next to the flowers and move a bull at the same time, it seems to count as two openings.
Sometimes I found moving the bulls helped open crops, but if you focus on that too much, you end up using all your moves.
Since the changes were made, its better to concentrate on opening flowers before you move the sheep. Once you have got a clear run later on, you can move the sheep then  and get them into place with less moves.
You need to combine moves. You need cascading crops.
You need T and L combinations and +5. You need patience.
You need to open as many flowers as you can on each move, so that hopefully you can get inbetween them, as the important ones are above the hay and the sides.

Companions aren't needed for the crop quota, you can make them pretty well. But they are handy for throwing crops and matching themselves, simply by getting a number of crops removed for you, meaning you get fresh ones falling.
Some extra advice from another player,  Trish Murray :
My method was to move the sheep near to the hay but not too close, then put all your attention on clearing the flowers down each side to get the bulls down to remove them. There is only roughly 1 board in ten where you can really get a good chance of getting it. I would log on log out of each play after about 3 moves if it didn't appear to be a good board.