Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Level 822

23 Moves (revised)
12 Oysters
160 Carrots
160 Suns
4 Black Sheep
Matching crops at the bottom of your board will give you a better chance in my opinion.
The reason for this being, as soon as you start moving crops, you have more prospects of falling crops making rows by themselves, but also, the oysters move from around the flowers. Once they do this, you are less likely to move sheep everywhere you go.
You need falling crops to get extra points on the crops you are about to match, because you need a lot again.
Once your oysters are out of the way you can begin to open the flowers. Again, plan moves carefully so that falling crops can do your work for you and free the hay.

You need lots of points if you are going for 3 stars, but to pass you will manage it well if you make combinations etc.