Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Level 821

17 Moves
1 Poppy Flower
20 Oysters
400 Apples
400 Suns
This is a fun level after the last one for a while, but soon gets boring.. You need a lot of crops, yes, but its possible because you have so many firecrackers.
The idea is to make as many rows as you can, next to your oysters and firecrackers, and then the oysters will go, but the firecrackers will jump all over the place. Hopefully eating crops or even better, taking oysters and lighting other firecrackers.
Get as many as you can this way before you move the bull. Save him until the oysters and firecrackers are gone.
You will need rows of 5 crops to remove all, and cascading, which should get easier with some space.
Once they are all our of the way, its a matter of moving him to the poppy and gathering any other outstanding crops. Hopefully not too many left. The trouble is they took moves so we really have none to spare. 

If you have any shovels left, save them for this point as you can make some good matches just using shovels.

Apologies for the long video, that is what happens with cascading crops and I was so bored of trying to get it, its one of those levels you either do well or don't pass at all.