Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Level 820

26 Moves (revised your level has one more move than my video)
90 Apples
2 Black Sheep
2 Spiders
6 Oysters
Getting the spiders is easy. Getting the Black sheep moving is pretty easy to, despite all the webs. Getting the sheep to the hay is another matter!!
Some say its best to move the Spiders and Sheep first, and I agree with that. In all the 100s of times I played it though, I found it was better to dispose of as many oysters as you can, because they are what causes the problems. If you can get them down to one on each side, then assuming the crops are behaving, its easy to get the sheep onto it.
Of course getting the crops to behave is another matter. Companions help is debatable. I would recommend either the cat or the bird. At least you get extra apples thrown with them.
Since the levels changed you don't need boosters, just patience.
If you have made a few moves and haven't broken webs, or moved something, or gathered a few crops, quit and start again.