Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Level 819

26 Moves (changed)
3 Black Sheep
50 Suns
50 Onions
50 Carrots
This level has been changed and made easier! There are two place you can start here, top left corner and the bottom right. If you move the bottom right, then you seem to get a few cascading crops following after.
You could use a shovel to remove the first crop to make the row, then it saves you a move.
Make as many rows as you can next to your water buckets because you need plenty of water, not only for activating the seed, but for extra points on your rows. Don't forget the ones on the bottom of the board too.
Move crops out of the way to make the hay as near to the sheep as you can for easiness.

You need combinations and +5 as well here.

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