Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Level 816 **Rancid**

16 Moves
To throw at Rancid we need,
580 Apples, Carrots, Strawberries and Water drops.
We need a lot of crops in this level, but although we have grass seeds they are blocked off by iced water. However, you do not need to make grass to beat this level.
With clever use of shovels, and well planned moves, you can get crops to cascade down and add up.
This is where shovels come in useful. Because if you use them, as you know by now, you can drop crops into making a row and because you haven't actually made a move, you don't lose extra points on other crops.
Plan ahead carefully. Set moves up so that once you make a row, crops will fall to form another one. This is where you will get the points.
The grumpies are about thanks to the slime patches. You will lose some crops because of them, but still, you can pass.
Yes grass might help, but if you don't plan moves carefully, its just a waste of a move by making it.