Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Level 813

25 Moves (revised again)
150 Apples
2 Black sheep
6 Oysters
2 Fireflies
It is entirely up to you which part of the level you do first, but the trickiest part I found were the oysters.
I tried different ways, getting the fireflies first, getting the oysters first and came to the conclusion, starting with the oysters was better.
Despite the fact there are only two fireflies you need and they are at the top, I can only assume its because they are so close, getting them both lit together can be a nightmare. As soon as you switch one on, the other seems to go off. Not good. At least if you leave them until after the oysters, you may even get a chance for them to switch themselves on by falling crops.
Once the fireflies are out of the way, the hay seeds fall. Try and get them towards the sheep so you don't need to move the sheep as far.
Watch for lots of combinations wherever you can because you need so many apples. Making +5 of any crop always adds points to the needed ones.