Monday, 26 January 2015

Level 810 **Farm Club**

24 Moves (revised)
10 Flowers
100 Onions
100 Suns
100 Water drops
The level has now been changed (again) for those who have been here a while.
There are two ways that seem to work here.
Either; breaking a block of ice on each side, or waiting for the water to jump up and break them for you. Either way seems to work if you are lucky.
Open the flowers and flood the board with water. If your ice is broken, then you will get falling crops that will hopefully open the flowers for you.
Watch for +5 and make a lot of combinations and gain extra points when you make rows and if you can get 6 shovels, it helps too. Lay as many rows against the flowers as you can to clear them quickly, the same against the water buckets.
You will find when the water jumps up to the top areas, that unless you make a row on the side it has jumped up, it will stay and open the flowers. If there are matches underneath it will fall. 

 Good luck!