Monday, 26 January 2015

Level 809

23 Moves (revised)
4 Black Sheep
4 White Sheep
6 Flowers
150 Apples
You know you have been playing this game for far too long when you count 4 patches of hay and wonder where you are going to take all your sheep lol.
Ideally, the easiest way to get the sheep is to take over the white ones first and then the black. Of course sometimes you will sacrifice a patch of hay to get the black one early if its a good match.
Just don't take away all your hay before your white sheep.
So far it seems if you make a row that hits both black and white sheep, that the white sheep moves to the hay first.
To begin with its probably a good idea to open your flowers, as your white sheep won't be going anywhere until you do.
Try and make matches along the flowers and in between the sheep so that you move more than one at a time.

The hardest part is likely to be the apples, so watch for extra points on them.