Saturday, 24 January 2015

Level 806

20 Moves (revised)
4 Black sheep
100 Carrots
100 Onions
100 Strawberries
Introducing the black sheep of the family! The black sheep works exactly the same as the white sheep to move about. The only difference is, when you lead the sheep to the hay, they eat it. You can tell what the game makers have in store for us can't you! So its nothing new to learn which is good, but another obstacle which isn't.
Once the sheep have eaten each square of hay, its gone. So until they give us hay seeds to make more on these levels (yes I can see that happening too without even knowing what's going to happen) what we have is it.
Lead the sheep to the hay..(They are quite cute though don't you think?) then make matches if you weren't already, of higher valued crops.

You need cascading crops on this level to get the points, so as you are moving your sheep around on the grass, use this to your advantage.

Video has 4 less moves but is otherwise the same :)