Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Level 801 **Rancid**

23 Moves (revised)
This time we need to throw Water drops, Carrots, Strawberries and Onions at him, along with extra shovels, boosters and something heavy!
The hardest Rancid level since the 400s I think!
We have seeds, there always seems to be one next to a clean water drop everytime it starts, so start making grass.
Try and make grass close to other patches, so you need less moves for it.
Boost points because its the only way you will pass it.
Combinations, +5, extra shovels and if you get towards the end and think, with just a little help you will beat it, use boosters. Just don't use them too early. It can be done without them though as our video shows.
The companions I had were a complete waste of time as there were too many slime patches, and if you make grass, it cancels the slime out anyway, so no need for a crop cleaner.

Patience is the key here.