Monday, 19 January 2015

Level 797

You now have 3 possible versions of the level, first set of tips are for the current version followed by the video. 

23 Moves
5 Poppies
85 Onions
85 Strawberries
Move the bulls to the right. Back to the left, then move the upper bull down a level and the lower bull up a level, to match them up with the next two poppies. 
Then position the bull by moving it to the right of the board and either move it down or up depending on which bull you have moved.
That takes care of the poppies. Move the bulls out of the way if you have enough moves and then move your sheep to the hay if you haven't already done it.

Possible other versions
20 Moves
4 Poppy Flowers
55 Strawberries or 100
55 Onions or 100
2 Sheep

First of all before you do anything else, you always get the line up for +5 on water. Make the row, make the bulls hit each other and stop.
You cannot do anything else or you will not get the bull over to the over side. I say bull because its unlikely you will get the other over. Unless you can manoeuvre the sheep into the right place. Unlikely to happen, not enough moves.
Sometimes it helps to move the sheep over a little before you move the bull to the right.
Once the bull is over, get the two poppies on the right side first, then move to the left and do those two. 
You only need to move one bull across, he can do the flowers leaving bully no mates on the other side by himself :)
At the same time, you need to line crops up, and move the sheep over to the left, while gathering points.

Its going to take time, so try to be patient.