Monday, 19 January 2015

Level 795 **Farm Club**

18 Moves (revised)
150 Carrots
150 Onions
150 Strawberries
75 Water drops
This has to be one of the most frustrating levels I have come across since they decided to introduce companions. This made all Farm Club levels harder. But luckily they changed it and made it a little easier.
The only saving grace is that it is actually not a boring level to play. You know it must be possible, so it can be quite compelling to play over and over.
All the flowers on the board and you don't need to collect a single one.
BUT you do need more water than anything. So ideally, they all need to be picked to get to the water buckets.
In each move, you need to set your crops so that they will make more than one match.
Gather as many combinations etc as you can with higher points.
Touch a firecracker because they will help and hit a water bucket.
You need to get a lot of points on every row and make endless +5 and combinations, to get all 3 animals unlocked.