Thursday, 8 January 2015

Level 791

21 Moves (revised)
4 Flowers
150 Water drops
180 Strawberries
180 Onions
Having tried many many times without companions, I figured it helped having them lol.
Only having the option of two of them, I cannot tell you what the middle one does at the moment, but the one that fills buckets was useful, as you need many crops and almost as much water.
You need to do two main things on here.
  1. Make as many rows next to buckets as you can.
  2. Watch carefully for extra points on strawberries and onions and make a match of higher points ones every time you see them.
In between as usual, combinations and +5 moves are essential.
Don't worry if you end up with too much water, because if you get some +5 with water, it will be removed and more crops will fall.

You will likely find the flowers take care of themselves as you are busy harvesting.

My video uses less moves, otherwise its exactly the same.