Friday, 2 January 2015

Level 784

23 Moves (revised)
8 Oysters
100 Water drops
100 Apples
3 Sheep
A tricky level. You need to move the bulls to get to the sheep. And you need to move the oysters to get to the hay, so you will find yourself moving the bulls around a lot.
Depending on how the crops fall, it could be easier to get rid of all the oysters first, then move the bulls across so you can get the sheep.
The thing you need to remember is if you don't move your oysters first, and you move your bulls, you could end up with sheep in the middle and no room to move them. If this happens, you might as well quit and start again as you don't have enough moves to spare.

Sometimes it helps to move some of your bulls down then they are out of the way a little.