Thursday, 1 January 2015

Level 780 **Farm Club**

16 Moves (revised)
3 Fireflies
11 Oysters
165 Strawberries
165 Suns
So far, unless they change it, this is a much more player friendly level than previous farm club levels.
Ignore the fireflies to begin with. As one is buried under the oysters and firecrackers, the only way you can reach him is by using shovels. Which you could do..if you don't though, you will have to get the obstacles out of the way.
I removed as many oysters as I could..once you have space to set the firecrackers off, they can help as you know by now. Oysters removal first is my preference as the sneaky little shells close as soon as you make another move elsewhere. So if they are open, try and get them removed.
Once they are out of the way and you can get to your third firefly, remove them.
Try and do all the above in as few moves as you can, because it will leave you more moves to get extra crops and points on crops, which you will need for all 3 stars.
Combinations, +5 and any boosters will come in handy here :)