Monday, 12 January 2015

Level 675

25 Moves (revised)
6 Oysters
4 Sheep
1 Spider
75 Onions
Open the oysters at every opportunity but concentrate on moving the sheep up nearest to the spider first. You can see he has to jump into empty nests, so once he is moving, you can concentrate on the rest. 
Don't break all the webs above the empty nests yet. if he jumps into them, he will have nothing to web. The same also applies if there is a sheep in the way.
Use your shovel to drop crops from above to make good rows. 
Open oysters in between gathering sheep and watch for chances to get the spider.
If you can move all the sheep upwards, it makes it easier once he jumps into the other nests.
Try line your sheep up so you can make a match on the hay, using crops in between them to save moves. They added a move and took away two sheep so now this level is easier than it was :)