Monday, 12 January 2015

Level 666

15 Moves
60 Suns
60 Onions
60 Strawberries
7 Oysters
 They have revised it since the release on Android...and revised again. You don't get moves to waste. Since the last lot of changes it has become more fun. 
You need to make matches on grass and you need to open as many oysters in each move as you can. Luckily when crops fall on the grass, you get added value and the grumpiness will go, and the more matches you make, as you know by now, means more value. That will have to be done here more than any other level you have played. If you don't get more than one oyster opened at a time and build value, you will not even get the one star you need.
The grumpies are a pain as they stop successful matches and usually where you have lots of points on crops too.

Use shovels to make crops fall when you can for better matches.