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Level 816 **Rancid**

16 Moves Requirements: To throw at Rancid we need, 580 Apples, Carrots, Strawberries and Water drops. We need a lot of crops in this level, but although we have grass seeds they are blocked off by iced water. However, you do not need to make grass to beat this level. With clever use of shovels, and well planned moves, you can get crops to cascade down and add up. This is where shovels come in useful. Because if you use them, as you know by now, you can drop crops into making a row and because you haven't actually made a move, you don't lose extra points on other crops. Plan ahead carefully. Set moves up so that once you make a row, crops will fall to form another one. This is where you will get the points. The grumpies are about thanks to the slime patches. You will lose some crops because of them, but still, you can pass. Yes grass might help, but if you don't plan moves carefully, its just a waste of a move by making it.

Level 815

22 Moves (revised) Requirements: 70 Carrots 70 Onions 2 Black Sheep 90 Water drops In this level you need to move your sheep along the bottom and start moving them up, in as little moves as you can. You can get them to the hay fairly easily once you have done that part. You need lots of points on the crops, so combinations, +5 etc again, and make rows next to water to get the water jumping about. Its easy to fill the board with water, which actually helps as you get fresh crops falling down once the water has been removed so try to do this a lot. Trial, error and patience with this level. I had less moves in my video though, but the rest is the same.

Level 814

23 Moves (revised) Requirements: 2 Black sheep 65 Carrots 65 Onions 65 Strawberries Ok, you need to add a lot of points to get your crop requirements. The best way to start this is to get water jumping out to break ice, so make matches next to the side water buckets as you can. Best thing to do is move your sheep so that you leave the water corners free for drops to jump into. Unless you want to start by breaking the ice. The frogs eat water, but once you have broken the ice, and moved the frogs, it helps if they are out of the way. Which is hard on a small board. You then have to manoeuvre your sheep onto the hay. Each part is tricky, putting it all together is harder but it can be done. In my opinion, the companions didn't help at all. They just ate beans. My video uses less moves because it was made before they changed it. If I can do it, you can :)

Level 813

25 Moves (revised again) Requirements: 150 Apples 2 Black sheep 6 Oysters 2 Fireflies It is entirely up to you which part of the level you do first, but the trickiest part I found were the oysters. I tried different ways, getting the fireflies first, getting the oysters first and came to the conclusion, starting with the oysters was better. Despite the fact there are only two fireflies you need and they are at the top, I can only assume its because they are so close, getting them both lit together can be a nightmare. As soon as you switch one on, the other seems to go off. Not good. At least if you leave them until after the oysters, you may even get a chance for them to switch themselves on by falling crops. Once the fireflies are out of the way, the hay seeds fall. Try and get them towards the sheep so you don't need to move the sheep as far. Watch for lots of combinations wherever you can because you need so many apples. Making +5 of any crop always adds poi

Level 812

16 Moves Requirements: 7 Flowers 120 Onions 120 Strawberries 120 Suns To get to the grassed area you need to break the flowers in the middle of the board. If you have enough beans, the growing companion is very useful here because he will also get the tricky flowers. Set off all the firecrackers you can as they will also help. Watch for rows with extra points and collect those crops first.  Make as many combinations as you can.

Level 811

18 Moves Requirements: 4 Black sheep 225 Apples 225 Carrots 225 Strawberries First look and this board looks scary. But really its not. Obviously you need to lead the sheep to the hay and to do that you need to break the iced crops. Other than the sheep's path to freedom though, the ice also covers grass. Once enough crops are broken then you have space to make rows on the grass and get extra points. On top of that, you also have the possibilities of endlessly falling crops. Its might take a few tries, but really this is quite a fun level.

Level 810 **Farm Club**

24 Moves (revised) Requirements: 10 Flowers 100 Onions 100 Suns 100 Water drops The level has now been changed (again) for those who have been here a while. There are two ways that seem to work here. Either; breaking a block of ice on each side, or waiting for the water to jump up and break them for you. Either way seems to work if you are lucky. Open the flowers and flood the board with water. If your ice is broken, then you will get falling crops that will hopefully open the flowers for you. Watch for +5 and make a lot of combinations and gain extra points when you make rows and if you can get 6 shovels, it helps too. Lay as many rows against the flowers as you can to clear them quickly, the same against the water buckets. You will find when the water jumps up to the top areas, that unless you make a row on the side it has jumped up, it will stay and open the flowers. If there are matches underneath it will fall.   Good luck!

Level 809

23 Moves (revised) Requirements: 4 Black Sheep 4 White Sheep 6 Flowers 150 Apples You know you have been playing this game for far too long when you count 4 patches of hay and wonder where you are going to take all your sheep lol. Ideally, the easiest way to get the sheep is to take over the white ones first and then the black. Of course sometimes you will sacrifice a patch of hay to get the black one early if its a good match. Just don't take away all your hay before your white sheep. So far it seems if you make a row that hits both black and white sheep, that the white sheep moves to the hay first. To begin with its probably a good idea to open your flowers, as your white sheep won't be going anywhere until you do. Try and make matches along the flowers and in between the sheep so that you move more than one at a time. The hardest part is likely to be the apples, so watch for extra points on them.

Level 808

22 Moves (revised) Requirements: 4 Black Sheep 75 Apples 75 Carrots 75 Onions You need to make 4 patches of hay as you have 4 sheep. You only get one seed on the board at one time though, so until you use it, you won't get any more. If it falls in totally the wrong place, removing it with a shovel means you should get another. (Unless you are doing really well then the game witholds them to annoy you) Try and make rows that take your sheep, good ones to gather crops too. You need quite a few again this time. Its easyish to get one star, but frustrating if you want more. All in all though, its not a bad level. **Your level will have one extra  move than my video has but is otherwise the same :)

Levels 807

16 Moves (revised) Requirements: 3 Black Sheep 100 Carrots 100 Onions 100 Strawberries The hay the sheep need are sitting under the iced crops. Luckily for us though, apart from the Suns, the only crops falling are needed. Its pretty easy to break the ice if you line your crops up well. The hardest thing really is gathering all the crops. You have 3 hay squares for the 3 sheep, one near, then 2 further. Sometimes your crops fall nicely that you can get the furthest one away first, that's a good idea as it gives you a smaller space to have to conquer to get the others. However you get the sheep, combinations and +5 and clever moves that will cascade crops are needed, along with your shovels.

Level 806

20 Moves (revised) Requirements: 4 Black sheep 100 Carrots 100 Onions 100 Strawberries Introducing the black sheep of the family! The black sheep works exactly the same as the white sheep to move about. The only difference is, when you lead the sheep to the hay, they eat it. You can tell what the game makers have in store for us can't you! So its nothing new to learn which is good, but another obstacle which isn't. Once the sheep have eaten each square of hay, its gone. So until they give us hay seeds to make more on these levels (yes I can see that happening too without even knowing what's going to happen) what we have is it. Lead the sheep to the hay..(They are quite cute though don't you think?) then make matches if you weren't already, of higher valued crops. You need cascading crops on this level to get the points, so as you are moving your sheep around on the grass, use this to your advantage. Video has 4 less moves but is otherwise the

Level 805

20 Moves Requirements: 1 Sheep 2 Poppy Flowers 80 Water drops 80 Strawberries Oh the frustrations of this level. It is a fun one, don't get me wrong, but its so frustrating because you know it can be done better. The bull and sheep start in opposite corners. The bull needs to come down to get the flowers, the hay needs to be made for the sheep. You need to make the water drops so you will get some jumping to the hay. Try and make it towards the outer edge of the buckets for easiness. Gather any strawberries and water drops with higher value on before you make any moves as you do need quite a few of them, and strawberries are usually the harder ones to get.

Level 804

20 Moves 2 Spider 2 Sheep 110 Carrots 110 Strawberries Try line the crops up so that they fall onto themselves and make another line behind. The more points you get the better as you need a lot of points. Move the spiders, break webs and move the sheep with lots of cascades.

Level 803

19 Moves Requirements: 40 Water drops 40 Carrots 60 Onions 60 Suns Using the airdrop boosters is better at the beginning so you don't lose any built up points, or towards the end in a last ditch attempt to get needed crops. I always seemed to have 2 carrots, 2 water drops, but sometimes using the booster covered them up. This is quite a simple level for one star, you need to make plenty of points though of the onions and suns while watching the rest, as its easy to forget one crop. Try and ignore the strawberries if you can as you don't need them.

Level 802

18 Moves Requirements: 2 Sheep 3 Fireflies 100 Onions 100 Water drops If you can combine opening the top left firefly with moving a sheep, its a big help. This level is another tricky one, you have enough moves, if everything co-operates. Open the fireflies first, while moving sheep across, but at the same time you need to build up points. Its possible but its a funny shape board. If you can get your sheep into the little corner, just under where the top right firefly is, it makes it easier to line up the crops, but you can do it without putting them there. Make crops from the bottom first. You just need to watch closely for opportunities.

Level 801 **Rancid**

23 Moves (revised) This time we need to throw Water drops, Carrots, Strawberries and Onions at him, along with extra shovels, boosters and something heavy! The hardest Rancid level since the 400s I think! We have seeds, there always seems to be one next to a clean water drop everytime it starts, so start making grass. Try and make grass close to other patches, so you need less moves for it. Boost points because its the only way you will pass it. Combinations, +5, extra shovels and if you get towards the end and think, with just a little help you will beat it, use boosters. Just don't use them too early. It can be done without them though as our video shows. The companions I had were a complete waste of time as there were too many slime patches, and if you make grass, it cancels the slime out anyway, so no need for a crop cleaner. Patience is the key here.  

Level 800

23 Moves (revised) Requirements: 120 Onions 120 Carrots 120 Strawberries 90 Apples Moving the bulls across to break the ice and to break bombs seem to be their only purpose. Once broke, move the bulls back out of the way to the left. You only get crops falling you need (but seem to get a lot less apples). The best place to make rows is on the grass. Combinations and +5 are essential. The +5 also get rid of the bombs. Companions do help this time :)

Level 799

18 Moves (revised) Requirements: 4 Poppy Flowers 90 Onions 90 Strawberries 90 Water drops The bull needs to be moved down, then straight back up, then straight back down to the bottom layer, then left and right (or right and left which ever you find better) It also needs to be done in as few moves possible, because you need to save all your moves to gather all the crops you need. Its not a huge amount, BUT you don't have much space for combinations and points building. Companions are hit and miss, so its up to you. Although they added moves, the level is still quite tricky as if the crops don't cascade down, you don't get enough crops to count.

Level 798

15 Moves (revised) Requirements: 2 Spiders 2 Poppy Flowers 70 Carrots 70 Onions Another hard level. You need to make as many points as you can in each row you make, so try and set up falling crops. It seems if you break the spider webs using the bull, the web not only breaks but it kicks the spider out, so that comes in handy as there are two spare nests. Keep the bulls in the columns they are in and once you have a clear run, move them up. Once clear, try and make as many rows as you can on grass for points.

Level 797

You now have 3 possible versions of the level, first set of tips are for the current version followed by the video.  23 Moves 5 Poppies 85 Onions 85 Strawberries Move the bulls to the right. Back to the left, then move the upper bull down a level and the lower bull up a level, to match them up with the next two poppies.  Then position the bull by moving it to the right of the board and either move it down or up depending on which bull you have moved. That takes care of the poppies. Move the bulls out of the way if you have enough moves and then move your sheep to the hay if you haven't already done it. Possible other versions 20 Moves Requirements: 4 Poppy Flowers 55 Strawberries or 100 55 Onions or 100 2 Sheep First of all before you do anything else, you always get the line up for +5 on water. Make the row, make the bulls hit each other and stop. You cannot do anything else or you will not get the bull over to the over side. I say bull becaus

Level 796

26 Moves (They added moves so my video has less, which means you can do it!) Requirements: 4 Poppy Flowers 150 Strawberries 150 Carrots 20 Flowers To get to the bulls, you need to remove all of the flowers. Keep the bulls in the same columns they are in, as if they move you can't get to the poppies. Once the flowers start clearing you will get more crops falling, and then you will get the extra points on crops you need to pass the level.

Level 795 **Farm Club**

18 Moves (revised) Requirements: 150 Carrots 150 Onions 150 Strawberries 75 Water drops This has to be one of the most frustrating levels I have come across since they decided to introduce companions. This made all Farm Club levels harder. But luckily they changed it and made it a little easier. The only saving grace is that it is actually not a boring level to play. You know it must be possible, so it can be quite compelling to play over and over. All the flowers on the board and you don't need to collect a single one. BUT you do need more water than anything. So ideally, they all need to be picked to get to the water buckets. In each move, you need to set your crops so that they will make more than one match. Gather as many combinations etc as you can with higher points. Touch a firecracker because they will help and hit a water bucket. You need to get a lot of points on every row and make endless +5 and combinations, to get all 3 animals unlocked.

Level 794

16 Moves (revised) Requirements: 3 Fireflies 4 Poppy Flowers 155 Apples 155 Strawberries Watch the frogs! To get to the fireflies you will inevitably set the frogs off, so you need plenty of falling crops for the points. Easiest way to get the flowers is to move the bulls up on their respective sides, then up again. Assuming the crops co-operate. They don't want to make these levels easy so save your shovels, for helping the bulls. You will find the top flowers are the harder two.

Level 190

25 moves 51 water 101 suns 101 strawberries 4 flowers Ice and slime this time and lots of it. To make it a little easier for yourself, firstly break one of the ice caps with a shovel. This means you can make a match with the water to get it started, OR you could break one next to the seed, so that you can get your grass growing. Then pay attention to all the crops in the slime, next to the water barrels. Try and match as many as you can, so that they throw the water up on to the ice section, enabling you to break more ice without making a move. Remember that even grumpy crops can contribute to making your water jump out. You will find the flower in the bottom corner is the hardest to unfurl, so try to get that one out of the way as soon as possible after you have done the ones blocking it. Once you have cleared the ice, you will see plenty of other crops falling. Do not forget to work on getting more water from the barrels, otherwise you could find you have all the other crops and no

Level 189

20 moves 30 Strawberries 30 suns 30 water 10 chicks You really need to match on the grass, but there isn't enough and too much slime. You can match the chicks in slime, they are unaffected. I would suggest trying to use crops/eggs from the healthy side, and make the chicks first, watching for the crops with more points on in between. If you can plan ahead for falling crops you will get more points.

Level 188

26 moves 15 apples 15 strawberries 15 suns Lots of grumpies, water barrels and seeds. This level looks horrid! there is not one nice crop on the board which means that you HAVE to get the water out and swapped with a seed, to change them back to normal crops. Its hard to activate the seeds and get the required crops, so you need to use shovels when you can. Remember you can use shovels to pat the water as well, this helps as it will save you moves which you will need to get the required elements. All you need is a couple of patches of grass near each other and then you can get crops easily.

Level 187

18 moves Requirements: 12 flowers 60 water 60 strawberries 60 carrots Flowers on slime...lots of grass. As you have so many flowers, logic says start opening them first. But I found if you can make some rows vertically on the grass first, it helps with the points. So just plan moves carefully to find the best place. Match up on the grass for added value in any case. Try and use the none needed crops to go grumpy and open the crops in between the flowers, or sacrifice the crops with less points on.

Level 186

28 moves Requirements: 50 water 50 suns 50 carrots 50 apples The grass area is where you are going to get most points so we need to free it from the iced water. You can either use your shovels to break the ice, or match up near the water barrels. That will them throw water onto the board, hopefully landing where you need it, near the ice. Once thats done, its just a matter of matching the crops. The hardest part is having to match them near the buckets to make water, when really you want to make rows on the grass as that is where the points are. Just watch out for higher point matches. 

Level 185

26 moves 31 apples 31 onions 31 strawberries Slime and two water barrels, Since the level was first released, they took away the ice. I can't remember if it had flowers on or not before, but they do not need to be collected. The only thing is, it is blocking the way to the water buckets, of which you need if you want to make grass. Do we really need to make grass? No, BUT you will make this level easier if you can make it near the slime patches. Having grass will help you! Grass removes the sulky faces and also gives you added value meaning you need less crops to remove. 

Level 184 **Rancid**

27 moves apples, water and carrots ITS RANCID BOOOOOO! is it going to be easy? is it ever? But I don't think this is as bad as some of his levels. Match on the grass to increase value, The more value, the less crops you have to move. watch out for the grumpies, but remember they change on grass and become happy again. Remember to use shovels if you need to move a crop to get the perfect match.

Level 183

20 moves 6 flowers 175 apples 175 carrots 175 strawberries Once you can get rid of the flowers, you should hopefully notice that your other crops will drop rapidly, meaning a higher value rate. You need to make sure each crop has a good value to be able to get the amount needed. Use shovels when you can and it will test your patience, so don't expect to pass it quickly. Its not an easy level. Plan your moves carefully to see where you would get maximum crops drop. Once you have removed the flowers, which is better done first, you are better making rows near the bottom as it encourages more crops to fall which in turn can match themselves. (long video as crops kept falling sorry)

Level 182

15 moves 24 carrots 90 onions 90 strawberries Iced crops, grass, and a rabbit Use your shovels to break the ice to give you a start. Or for hitting the rabbit for stealing your carrots! Once you have removed the ice, you can match up on the grass and get more value for your crops. You need a lot of crops for 3 stars here, so maybe the companions can help if you want to get more than one star.

Level 181

14 Moves 25 apples 25 carrots 25 strawberries 9 Flowers Slime but seeds. Most of the crops seem to end up grumpy but there is hope. The only problem we have is so few moves and all the flowers are under the grass. Make as many rows of crops as you can or combination shapes to get points added on, before the grumpy crops fall.  You will have to lose high points on crops to the grumpies to make rows against the flowers, but at least these will still open them. Open the flowers as quickly as you can to get the crops on the grass. 

Level 180 **Farm Club**

20 moves (revised) 4 flowers 70 strawberries 70 suns 70 water Make matches on the grass to increase value. Until you clear the flowers, you will not get any more crops drop down to the grass so you need to work on clearing the flowers first. Save shovels for awkward placed flowers (ie the sides) Once the flowers are cleared, its just a matter of matching up as many as possible on the grass. You only get needed crops falling so it is possible to get a big score, unless they change it again.

Level 179

10 Moves 30 apples 30 carrots 30 onions 1 flower Seeds here,  but you need to free the water to activate them (remember you need to swap a seed with a water droplet) Iced crops Forget the flower for now, that will take care of itself. If you make grass, you can cancel out the slime patch, plus add points to crops, however you can complete the level without using a single seed, you just need helpful falling crops. Use shovels to move stray crops for better matches.

Level 178

34 moves 2 dragons 55 apples 55 suns You know when you have many moves the level isn't meant to be easy. Hmmm. We have grass for added value.  Remember to use shovels wherever you can see they will help. You can use them to crack eggs, or remove lone crops from blocking a successful match. Always gather the points with higher crops first, and watch for combinations to help your success.

Level 177

20 moves 12 flowers 50 strawberries 50 suns 50 water Tricky level. You need to build up the value of the crops needed to win this one. The only good thing about the slime, is any slimy matches made, will still count towards opening the flowers.  Once the flowers are open and out of the way, use the grass to make crops healthy again and to gather points as well.

Level 176

20 moves 6 Flowers 3 strawberries 25 suns 25 water Work on opening the flowers to begin with. We don't need a lot of crops, so the sooner you open your flowers, the more stars you will make with remaining moves. Look for combinations.