Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Level 774

20 Moves (Revised) *5 more moves than video*
4 Flowers
7 Poppy Flowers
250 Apples
250 Carrots
Apologies for the very long video that accompanies these tips. If you stick with it though, the second half of it gets better. You can see cascading crops in action, moving from one star to three. I have to brag and say it was a good video :D
You will likely find that you open the flowers mostly by just making your crop matches which is good.
Unlike some of this episodes levels, this is actually a fun one that keeps attention.
Move the bulls to tackle the poppy's pretty much from the start of this game.
Find the best combination to get them all, but at the same time get the higher value crops when you make matches.
Watch out for +5, it doesn't matter whether its for a needed crop or not, because the more of any type that are removed, the newer crops you have fall, leading to more possible matches.

Set your rows up so that when they match up, another row will fall and match, cascading crops are the key to this level.