Level 773

18 Moves
150 Apples
150 Carrots
150 Onions
150 Strawberries
The good news is, you only get the crops falling that you need to collect (so no water drops or suns) the bad news is, you have probably used all your free boosters by now...oh and we have red and green frogs.
There are two ways of tackling this level. You could either bite the bullet, set the frogs up and make as many rows as you can on grass. Or try and avoid the frogs for as long as possible while gathering as many Strawberries and Apples as you can. Either way, its not easy.
The rainbow coloured boosters you see on the board, trapped behind the iced crops...I haven't decided if they are useful or not really.
Theoretically they are, use them on a circle of extra valued crops and they come in handy I suppose, otherwise they just seem a waste moves. Might be a good idea to count how many crops you will gather if you use them. (remember they add value to the circle they gather too)

You do need combinations and +5...seriously when do we not on these levels?

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