Level 768

21 Moves (revised) *9 More moves than Video*
4 Poppy Flowers
110 Apples
110 Carrots
8 Oysters
The natural thing to do with this level, is to move the bull straight across. Its easier. However, the best thing to do, is move the bull either up or down, then move it right. That means it will line up and hit a poppy as soon as it goes across.
If you moved your bull down, then right, the easiest way would be to move it up, to hit the top poppy (you already hit the bottom right one), Then move it left to give yourself some moving room (doesn't have to be all the way across), then back right to hit the next poppy, and then down for the last.
Every move really has to hit an oyster as well, just to make it a little harder.

As well as doing that, you need to make combinations, and +5. Get any higher value crops first as this is a really hard level. Its easy enough knowing what to do, but getting it to co-operate is harder. Good luck!

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