Level 762

23 Moves (revised) 5 more than Video
3 Flowers
75 Apples
75 Carrots
60 Water drops
At first glance this level looks quite difficult due to all the slime patches. Really though its quite a fun level.
I only played it once, so it could be I was lucky, but I found plenty of seeds falling. If you want to make grass, make it near the slime patches so that they are cancelled out, and any grass you make, joins on with current grass. This gives you more chances for bigger rows, and extra points.
If you start off by making rows in between the grumpy crops, while also hitting your water buckets, you will soon have enough water on the board to make flowers too as well as grass. Make the flowers close to each other if you can, so making rows will open more than one.
Once you get falling crops you soon get the points you need.

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