Monday, 1 December 2014

Level 761

20 Moves (revised)
6 Poppy flowers
2 Sheep
175 Apples
175 Suns
Although we need a lot of crops, if we plan moves carefully and use combinations its not too difficult to gather these.
The problems are the bull and sheep.
As regards the bulls, try and plan moves so that you can move more than one bull each time.
If you were able to keep them in the columns they are in now, you could move the two middles ones down, then down again. And the same with the outer two.
Just make sure that the matches above/below them don't touch any of the other bulls or you will end up with bashing heads.
Look for clever moves where you could maybe move a sheep and a bull. The bull will always move first, then the sheep jumps into the spot it would anyway. The more moves you save by fulfilling this part, the more you save for your crops.