Thursday, 18 December 2014

Level 750 **Farm Club**

14 Moves (revised again)
1 Poppy Flower
14 Flowers
125 Onions
125 suns
The best plan of action is to break open as many top flowers as you can, and as many bottom flowers as you can, in as few moves as possible. If you remove as many top flowers as you can, then you get enough falling that will make rows and open up the others for you.
You need to get a clear path between the flowers blocking your way to the poppy flower from the bull. As soon as you have a clear opening, get the poppy out of the way. Again that will give you another space for crops to fall through.
Make sure you buy shovels as these can make rows for you.
Concentrate on bottom flowers as again, the falling crops can open top flowers all by themselves.